Variant Gene Disease Risk Allele Score vda Association Type Original DB Sentence supporting the association PMID PMID Year
dbSNP: rs1800796
CUI: C0001339
Disease: Acute pancreatitis
Acute pancreatitis
0.010 GeneticVariation BEFREE However, there were no significant associations between IL-1β (IL-1β +3954 C/T (rs1143634) and IL-1β -511 C/T (rs16944)), IL-6 (IL-6 -174 G/C (rs1800795) and IL-6 -634 C/G (rs1800796)) and IL-10 (IL-10 -1082 A/G (rs1800896), IL-10 -819 C/T (rs1800871) and IL-10 -592 C/A (rs1800872)) gene polymorphisms and AP risk. 24072654