Gene Score gda Association Type Type Original DB Sentence supporting the association PMID PMID Year
Entrez Id: 7040
Gene Symbol: TGFB1
0.100 AlteredExpression phenotype BEFREE Mechanism dissection revealed that R-2HG could increase circRNA-51217 expression to increase the sponge miRNA-646, which might then lead to increase TGFβ1 expression and thus induce TGFβ1/p-Smad2/3 signaling to increase PCa cell invasion. 31846689 2020
Entrez Id: 3576
Gene Symbol: CXCL8
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE Together, our results indicated that IL-8 triggered ovarian cancer cells migration partly through Wnt/β-catenin pathway mediated EMT, and IL-8 may be an important molecule in the invasion and metastasis of ovarian cancer. 31793192 2020
Entrez Id: 60674
Gene Symbol: GAS5
0.100 AlteredExpression phenotype BEFREE GAS5 overexpression repressed GC cell migration and invasion by targeting p53. 31530437 2020
Entrez Id: 6678
Gene Symbol: SPARC
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE In addition, SPARC knockdown in PC3 cells decreases migration and invasion in vitro, without modifying cell proliferation. 31031331 2020
Entrez Id: 50616
Gene Symbol: IL22
0.100 GeneticVariation phenotype BEFREE The deletion of IL-22 gene leads to the arrest of malignant transition stage, and reduced invasion and tumor burden. 31725949 2020
Entrez Id: 2305
Gene Symbol: FOXM1
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE However, FOXM1 knockdown in three-dimensional (3D) culture and xenograft tumor models resulted in reduced proliferation, decreased invasion, and a more differentiated-like phenotype, indicating a context-dependent modulation of FOXM1 activity in HNSCC cells. 31465124 2020
Entrez Id: 378938
Gene Symbol: MALAT1
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE Scratch wound healing assay and transwell invasion assay were conducted to test the effects of MALAT1 and miR-206 on migration and invasion of trophoblast cells. 31774373 2020
Entrez Id: 6774
Gene Symbol: STAT3
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE Downregulation of Rab17 promotes cell proliferation and invasion in non-small cell lung cancer through STAT3/HIF-1α/VEGF signaling. 31841274 2020
Entrez Id: 4904
Gene Symbol: YBX1
0.100 AlteredExpression phenotype BEFREE Moreover, YB1 overexpression was associated with CRC lymph node metastasis and invasion. 31672764 2020
Entrez Id: 3925
Gene Symbol: STMN1
0.100 AlteredExpression phenotype BEFREE Our findings demonstrate that stathmin levels can regulate PTPN14 expression, which can modulate neuroblastoma cell migration and invasion. 31806880 2020
Entrez Id: 1499
Gene Symbol: CTNNB1
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE Together, our results indicated that IL-8 triggered ovarian cancer cells migration partly through Wnt/β-catenin pathway mediated EMT, and IL-8 may be an important molecule in the invasion and metastasis of ovarian cancer. 31793192 2020
Entrez Id: 5291
Gene Symbol: PIK3CB
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE Mutations activating the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway are observed in >40% of patients with CRC contributing to increased invasion and metastasis. 31704733 2020
Entrez Id: 3690
Gene Symbol: ITGB3
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE The overexpression or silencing of miR-124-3p inhibited or promoted the proliferation, migration and invasion of both selected gastric cancer cells, and ITGB3 is just the reverse. 31836324 2020
Entrez Id: 7422
Gene Symbol: VEGFA
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE Given that matrix metalloproteinases 9 (MMP9) and its associated vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) are critical for tumor vascularization and invasion under castration-resistant condition, it is therefore of great importance to define the functional association and interplay between androgen receptor (AR) and MMP9 and their associated key survival and invasion pathways in PCa cells. 31381135 2020
Entrez Id: 7157
Gene Symbol: TP53
0.100 GeneticVariation phenotype BEFREE TP53 mutations were associated with extramural venous invasion on baseline MRI (78% vs. 65%, p = 0.04), poor pathological tumour regression (23% vs. 36%, p = 0.05) and a trend toward a worse 5-year progression-free survival (PFS; 60% vs. 74%, HR 1.59, p = 0.06). 31199501 2020
Entrez Id: 5564
Gene Symbol: PRKAB1
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE Our discovery revealed that metformin, via increasing the expression of microRNA-7 mediated by AMPK, regulates the AKT/mTOR, MAPK/Erk, and NF-κB signaling pathways, thereby suppressing A549 cell growth, migration, and invasion. 31789625 2020
Entrez Id: 574436
Gene Symbol: MIR485
0.100 AlteredExpression phenotype BEFREE As expected, elevated miR-485-5p levels and inhibition of WBP2 protein expression exerted inhibitory effects on HCC cell proliferation, migration and invasion and, induced apoptosis. 31706018 2020
Entrez Id: 5290
Gene Symbol: PIK3CA
0.100 AlteredExpression phenotype BEFREE And miR-206 downregulation impaired the suppressive effects of cZNF292 silence toward Eca-109 cell growth, migration, and invasion. cZNF292 silencing activated AMPK signaling and inactivated PI3K/AKT signaling also via regulating miR-206. 31680303 2020
Entrez Id: 207
Gene Symbol: AKT1
0.100 AlteredExpression phenotype BEFREE Meanwhile, CCR7 functioned as a positive upstream factor of the AKT pathway contributing to the expression of GATA2, promoting trophoblast migration, and invasion via MMP2. 31504210 2020
Entrez Id: 3569
Gene Symbol: IL6
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE WG449E blocks HSF migration and invasion by regulating F-actin assignment. 31650631 2020
Entrez Id: 5970
Gene Symbol: RELA
0.100 AlteredExpression phenotype BEFREE Collectively, the present results indicated that cordycepin inhibited the nuclear translocation of P65 by preventing p‑IκBα activation; this resulted in the downregulation of CXCR4 expression, and subsequently, in the impaired migration and invasion abilities of liver cancer cells and attenuated reactivity to SDF1. 31746344 2020
Entrez Id: 5290
Gene Symbol: PIK3CA
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE Combination of aloin and metformin enhances the antitumor effect by inhibiting the growth and invasion and inducing apoptosis and autophagy in hepatocellular carcinoma through PI3K/AKT/mTOR pathway. 31830378 2020
Entrez Id: 174
Gene Symbol: AFP
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE Clinicopathological features, including age, gender, tumor number, tumor size, tumor differentiation, tumor stage, alpha-fetoprotein and microscopic vascular invasion, were assessed. 31587155 2020
Entrez Id: 79187
Gene Symbol: FSD1
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE Taken together, the findings support the view that miR-1 controls the mobility and migration of gastric cancer cells and might be a therapeutic target for blocking gastric cancer invasion. 31585896 2020
Entrez Id: 406943
Gene Symbol: MIR152
0.100 Biomarker phenotype BEFREE microRNA-152 inhibits cell proliferation, migration and invasion in breast cancer. 30982494 2020