Gene Score gda Association Type Type Original DB Sentence supporting the association PMID PMID Year
Entrez Id: 125
Gene Symbol: ADH1B
0.100 GeneticVariation group BEFREE The ADH1B and ALDH2 genotypes can influence the risk of cancer due to alcohol drinking. 31402483 2020
Entrez Id: 5290
Gene Symbol: PIK3CA
0.100 AlteredExpression group BEFREE ACLY plays a pivotal role in cancer metabolism through the potential deprivation of cytosolic citrate, a process promoting glycolysis through the enhancement of the activities of PFK 1 and 2 with concomitant activation of oncogenic drivers such as PI3K/AKT which activate ACLY and the Warburg effect in a feed-back loop. 31830561 2020
Entrez Id: 3091
Gene Symbol: HIF1A
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE Sohlh2 alleviates malignancy of EOC cells under hypoxia via inhibiting the HIF1α/CA9 signaling pathway. 31318683 2020
Entrez Id: 5290
Gene Symbol: PIK3CA
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE The PIK3 CA gene encodes the p110α protein subunit and is one of the most efficient cancer genes in solid and hematological tumors including hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). 31668943 2020
Entrez Id: 672
Gene Symbol: BRCA1
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE In women aged 25-49 years, the annualized cancer incidence was 1.6% in BRCA1, 1.4% in BRCA2 mutation carriers, and 0.5% in noncarriers. 31657879 2020
Entrez Id: 107075310
Gene Symbol: MTCO2P12
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE Rejuvenating and recent avenues for COXIBS (selective COX-2 inhibitors) explains its integrated role in identification of biochemical pain signaling as well as its pivotal key role in cancer chemotherapy. 31726219 2020
Entrez Id: 5747
Gene Symbol: PTK2
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE Moreover, the appearance of partial-EMT or mesenchymal-like carcinoma cells in MDA-MB-468 tumors treated with the paclitaxel-nilotinib combination resulted in upregulation of cancer stem cell (CSC) markers and susceptibility to FAK inhibitor. 31732654 2020
Entrez Id: 3569
Gene Symbol: IL6
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE The secretion of IL-6 from the cancer cells was determined in both culture and tumour-bearing mice by a species-specific ELISA. 31436048 2020
Entrez Id: 5820
Gene Symbol: PVT1
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE Long noncoding RNA PVT1: A highly dysregulated gene in malignancy. 31297833 2020
Entrez Id: 7190
Gene Symbol: HSP90B2P
0.100 GeneticVariation group BEFREE Pro-survival stress-inducible chaperone HSP110 is the only HSP for which a mutation has been found in a cancer. 31068676 2020
Entrez Id: 29028
Gene Symbol: ATAD2
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE The oncogene ATPase family AAA domain‑​containing protein 2 (ATAD2) has been demonstrated to promote malignancy in a number of different types of tumor; however, its expression and role in ovarian cancer (OC) remain unknown. 31746426 2020
Entrez Id: 5727
Gene Symbol: PTCH1
0.100 GeneticVariation group BEFREE Patients ≥18 years in the National Cancer Data Base (2004-2015) with the subtypes of classic (cPTMC), tall cell (mTCV), or diffuse sclerosing (mDSV) PTC (≤1 cm) were identified. 31627846 2020
Entrez Id: 5294
Gene Symbol: PIK3CG
0.100 AlteredExpression group BEFREE Because microRNAs (miRNAs) play an important role in post-transcriptional regulation and are also involved in the inhibition of PIK3 CA expression to suppress cancer cell proliferation, overexpression of tumor-suppressive miRNA is a promising therapeutic approach for HCC therapy. 31668943 2020
Entrez Id: 1440
Gene Symbol: CSF3
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) is widely used for prophylaxis and treatment of neutropenia in cancer patients and also for peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) mobilization. 31003920 2020
Entrez Id: 3552
Gene Symbol: IL1A
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE IL-1 system is involved in the induction and maintenance of chronic inflammation associated with several autoimmune diseases and cancer, mainly due to its capacity to promote the secretion of inflammatory mediators. 31830463 2020
Entrez Id: 4313
Gene Symbol: MMP2
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE Matrix metalloproteinase-2 (MMP-2) is an endopeptidase involved in cardiovascular disease and cancer. 31669421 2020
Entrez Id: 673
Gene Symbol: BRAF
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE Melanoma treatment have been revolutionized since 2010 by the development of immune checkpoint inhibitors, and, for BRAF-mutated melanoma, targeted therapies based on BRAF and MEK inhibitors, which is a model of effective targeted therapy in cancer. 31833955 2020
Entrez Id: 3091
Gene Symbol: HIF1A
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE Hence, targeting HIF-1 pathway is regarded as a promising strategy to treat cancer. 31724069 2020
Entrez Id: 4312
Gene Symbol: MMP1
0.100 AlteredExpression group BEFREE A bioinformatics analysis of clinical cancer genomic data revealed that matrix metalloproteinase (MMP)1 and three markers of oxidative stress - superoxide dismutase 2, NADPH oxidase 4, and carbonic anhydrase 9 - are upregulated in human mesenchymal GBM cancer tissue, and that MMP1 is positively correlated to all three of these oxidative stress markers. 31715381 2020
Entrez Id: 7295
Gene Symbol: TXN
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE We used the gold-derivative auranofin to induce cancer cell death by targeting thioredoxin reductases in combination with CyPPA to activate SK channels in neuro- and glioblastoma cells. 31738894 2020
Entrez Id: 4904
Gene Symbol: YBX1
0.100 AlteredExpression group BEFREE We also found that radiation exposure increased YB1 expression, which led to radio-resistant CRC, mediated through the activation of cancer stem cell marker CD44 and PI3K/AKT/mTOR signaling. 31672764 2020
Entrez Id: 3688
Gene Symbol: ITGB1
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE This study exposed a critical novel role for CD49d/CD29 on MM-MSCs MVs and presented a discriminate method to inhibit cancer promoting action of MM-MSCs MVs while retaining the anti-cancer function of ND-MSCs-MVs. 31586190 2020
Entrez Id: 5293
Gene Symbol: PIK3CD
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE Here we provide a comprehensive review of the current knowledge on SOX2 protein modifications, their proposed relationship to the PI3K/AKT pathway, and regulatory influence on SOX2 with regards to stemness, reprogramming, and cancer. 31477842 2020
Entrez Id: 1302
Gene Symbol: COL11A2
0.100 Biomarker group BEFREE PARP inhibitors have become a new line of cancer therapy and a successful demonstration of the synthetic lethality concept. 31753490 2020
Entrez Id: 9271
Gene Symbol: PIWIL1
0.100 AlteredExpression group BEFREE Recent evidence in small RNA research has led to the discovery of PIWI-interacting RNAs (piRNAs) which work in an orchestrated fashion to modulate gene expression both in homeostatic conditions and abnormalities like cancer including NB. 31478570 2020