Gene Score gda Association Type Type Original DB Sentence supporting the association PMID PMID Year
Entrez Id: 84910
Gene Symbol: TMEM87B
0.100 GeneticVariation phenotype CLINVAR Discovery of a potentially deleterious variant in TMEM87B in a patient with a hemizygous 2q13 microdeletion suggests a recessive condition characterized by congenital heart disease and restrictive cardiomyopathy. 27148590 2016
Entrez Id: 23556
Gene Symbol: PIGN
0.100 Biomarker phenotype HPO
Entrez Id: 8398
Gene Symbol: PLA2G6
0.100 GeneticVariation phenotype CLINVAR
Entrez Id: 3549
Gene Symbol: IHH
0.100 Biomarker phenotype HPO